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Judo & Karate Club: Yawara Martial Arts in Wandsworth

Our Judo & Karate club in Wandsworth, West London, is a family orientated club run by professional instructors. Karate and Judo are the ideal sports for kids wanting to build self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline and courtesy, while learning basic Martial Arts self-defence skills. The Wandsworth club in West London is located at the Wandle Recreation Centre on Mapleton Road SW18 4DN. In Wandsworth we run classes in Judo & Karate for juniors at all levels where your child (or children) can learn the basics of Martial Arts in a safe and friendly environment.

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I think Karate is lots of fun because you get to learn new things all the time! I have also got lots of new friends.
Shiva, 9 years
Shiva getting ready for some action at the Karate session in Wandsworth
Emil with his bronze medal at the Judo IBC Nationals 2013. His Judy and Karate training in Wandsworth is giving results!
I have a lot of fun training both Judo & Karate with Sensei Dave. Most fun are the competitions, especially when you manage to win a medal!
Emil, 7 years
Karate is fun! Yes, lots of fun!!!
Mikolaj, 5 years
Mikolaj after his Karate session in Wandsworth
Nina in her brand new Karategi getting ready for some Karate action in Wandsworth
I'm doing Karate with my brother and dad and it is fun! It is a bit difficult, but it doesn't matter if I make some mistakes and my friends help me a lot. Most fun are the games at the end that I'm always trying to win.
Nina, 5 years
I just started with Karate, but I really like it! The games are very fun!
Jadan, 6 years
Emil with his bronze medal at the IBC Nationals 2013

Directions to our Wandsworth club in London


Wandle Recreation Centre Mapleton Road, Wandsworth,
Greater London,
SW18 4DN

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Martial Arts in Wandsworth

Our Wandsworth club is family orientated and run by professional instructors. Karate and Judo are the ideal sports for children looking to build self-confidence, balance and discipline.

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