Sensei Frank Perry Judo, Karate, and Ju-Jutsu Club

About Sensei Frank Perry

Sensei F.T. Perry, the Chief Instructor of our style, began his instruction at the age of five under the late Sensei Kaoru Mishiku, a master of traditional Japanese instruction who pioneered martial arts teaching in Britain. Kaoru Mishiku Sensei was Japanese and of true Samurai stock. He came to London from Japan in 1909 and he remained until his death.

Sensei Perry started training from the age of four. By the age of 14 Sensei Perry held a Black Belt in Judo. He won his first Karate Black Belt at 16, in Sensei Mishiku's Anglo-Japanese School. At the age of 20, Sensei Perry sought instruction abroad following the death of his teacher and studied under various Japanese Masters. He has fought at National and International level, in contact and non-contact events, and was the first English Karate student to fight 50 successive full contact bouts. He is now the head of the style in England, and the UKSKO is under his control.

Sensei Perry worked originally with the first japanese Budo and Karate exponents who came to Britain. From the former he acquired what is now rare knowledge of the Bushido Spirit (the martial way of the Classical warrior) and this remains something he wishes to see fostered today in all Martial Arts.

Sensei Perry holds the rank of 7th Dan Kyoshi and also holds Dan rankings in Judo, Kobijutsu, Ju Jutsu and Kendo/Jutsu. The United Kingdom Seiki Juku Karate Organisation and the Anglo-Japanese School of Martial Arts are under his control, and he is the Karate Coach for the Sekai Butokukwai of Great Britain.

As a competitor Sensei Perry competed nationally and international and his students have won numerous honours.

Sensei Frank Perry, performing an ice break

Sensei Mishiku

Sensei Mishiku